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Dining in Leland Yee Style; A Condo Walks to Four Barrel

SAN FRANCISCO—The increasingly convoluted legal woes of state senator Leland Yee are headlining every publication in town at the moment, and Inside Scoop has found an interesting collision between Yee's alleged criminal activities and dining, via a tour of the various restaurants mentioned in the highly detailed FBI affidavit on his case. New Asia, Yank Sing, and Roy's are all part of the experience. [Inside Scoop]

THE MISSION—Mission Mission picked up on a real-estate sign (for a $1.15 million two-bedroom condo, natch) with the absolutely ridiculous URL of They suggest as a viable alternative, though we think it doesn't have quite the appeal of [EaterWire]

THE MISSION—Elsewhere in the quiet death of the Mission: an Australian company is passing out free egg sandwiches and coffee at Google bus stops in an attempt to poach some engineers. Because why should abundant free food end at the boundaries of the Google campus? [SF Business Times]

NOB HILL—Popular wine bar Amelie is turning 8 years old tonight, and they're celebrating with live music, $10 three-wine flights, big charcuterie and cheese platters for $20, and free cake. The event starts at 6 pm and goes straight through to 1 am, with the band playing from 6-9:30 pm. [EaterWire]