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Bar Dogwood, Joey and Pat's Damaged in Hit-and-Runs

The carnage at Bar Dogwood.
The carnage at Bar Dogwood.
Photo: @taramoriarty1/KTVU

Some Bay Area drivers clearly haven't gotten the memo on taking Uber yet, as two different restaurants were the victims of (almost certainly intoxicated) drivers plowing into their storefronts. The two incidents both transpired at almost the exact same time in the early hours of this morning. As the Chron reports, at 2:30 am, two women in a Lexus crashed into Mission Italian bakery Joey and Pat's, damaging the front windows and entrance; 15 minutes later, a similar incident occurred over in Oakland at Bar Dogwood, when a Nissan Altima carrying several women ran a red light, crashed into another car, then careened into Dogwood's front window. In both cases, the perpetrators fled on foot, and thankfully, no one was hurt inside either establishment.

The incident is particularly notable for Bar Dogwood, which has now had its windows smashed for the second time in a year—the first incident occurred during the Trayvon Martin protests in Oakland last summer, when Flora and Hawker Fare also suffered major damage. Sadly, these sorts of incidents are far from uncommon; a drunk driver also came just short of driving straight into the Cliff House last month, saved only by its parking-lot barriers.

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Bar Dogwood

1644 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612