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Bacon Bacon Returns This Weekend, with Bacon Cronuts

Owner Jim Angelus demonstrates the coin-op piggy ride. [Photo: Bacon Bacon/Facebook]

Bacon is making a comeback, at least when it comes to the controversial storefront of Jim Angelus' Bacon Bacon enterprise. This Saturday, Angelus will reopen his Haight-Ashbury bacon outpost, minus the porky fumes that sparked the ire of local NIMBYs and led to the shop's closure. As the Chronicle reports, the new incarnation of Bacon Bacon now features a new exhaust system with a Molitron unit, which deodorizes the air as it's pumped out of the shop, meaning fans of sizzling bacon's singular scent will have to venture inside to breathe it all in.

On the menu will be the full selection of favorites from Angelus' two Bacon Bacon trucks, including the burger, the bacon grilled cheese, the bacon fried chicken and the famous bacon bouquet. New additions include some non-bacon breakfast-y options like granola, scones and coffee, plus additional grab-and-go choices and ... wait for it ... a bacon cronut, complete with maple bacon glaze and candied bacon.

Though previously only operated as a takeout counter, the revamped Bacon Bacon (which was designed by Penelope Hartwell Designs) also includes seating for up to 13 bacon enthusiasts, plus a glossy red pig that serves as a coin-op kid's ride.

Another change means that Bacon Bacon's food trucks won't be swooping in and out: the address will no longer operate as a commissary kitchen for the mobile bacon fleet, which will now reside at Drake when not on the road.

The reinvented Bacon Bacon opens on Saturday, with full breakfast and lunch hours to kick in on Monday. And as for what's next, Angelus hinted to Inside Scoop that more food trucks could be on the way, with San Jose a possible next step.

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Bacon Bacon

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Bacon Bacon

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