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Sign vs. Sign at Lt. Waffle; KTVU "Exposes" Foraging

THE MISSION—A self-righteous Missionite targeted Anthony Myint's Lt. Waffle operation at Linea Caffe with a flyer: "Who had the idea to use a colonial figure to sell waffles? Colonial racism is not cute." Myint responded with a flyer of his own: "In the future, I hope we can conduct conversations in a more friendly spirit...Please do not assume that I'm a white person or a white supremacist, as I am neither." [Mission Mission]

GOLDEN GATE PARK—Speaking of misplaced vitriol, this bombastic KTVU segment "exposing" foragers in Golden Gate Park (who are elderly women, not Rene Redzepi acolytes) is good for a chuckle/chagrined shake of the head. [KTVU via Inside Scoop]

POTRERO HILL—The New Taste Marketplace returns to St. Gregory of Nyssa this Saturday with their Spring Picnic event, featuring 25 artisan food vendors, a Linden Street and Almanac beer garden, Rock Wall wines, and more. Proceeds benefit St. Gregory's food pantry for the needy. [EaterWire]

THE MISSIONCampovida Winery is sitting in at Central Kitchen tomorrow night, offering their wines a la carte by the glass or paired with a special tasting menu from Ryan Pollnow. [EaterWire]

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