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SF Is Getting A Second Cat Cafe (Kind Of)

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It's the feline sensation that's sweeping the nation: yes, folks, we're talking about cat cafes, plans for which seem to be popping up in every corner of the country. Today, Eater NY offered a look at the nation's very first cat cafe in the Big Apple, which is a Purina ONE-hosted pop-up. With San Francisco's KitTea meeting its funding goal and Oakland's Cat Town campaign falling about $20K short, the local cat cafe landscape is still up in the air, but now the Business Times brings word that another cat-centric concept is in the works: The Green Cat Rescue Cafe.

Though perhaps better described as a "cat park" than a true cat cafe, the new idea comes courtesy of Sheer Pets Mobile Grooming owner Artana DeCarlo. The idea is to develop a 1,500 square foot space (location is still TBD) into a cage-free cat adoption "cafe" based on a clock-in, clock-out model. Though it's got "cafe" in the name, however, that might be a strong word for the planned concept, which sounds like a bring-your-own food situation with beverages available through vending machines.

Like the other local cat cafes, DeCarlo plans to get her idea off the ground with a crowdfunding campaign that will seek $100K in funding. She's targeting a Mission, Castro or Haight location, but the project is still far out. We'll keep you posted on all cat cafe comings and goings.

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