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Fearless, A SOMA Cafe and Coffee Destination

303 2nd St., SOMA
Phone: (415) 692-0181
Status: Open today

Lauren Kiino of Il Cane Rosso is finally close to getting the doors open on her new restaurant and bar, Red Dog, but before the big day (estimated to be May 18) arrives, she's gone ahead and opened up the next-door cafe component, Fearless. Featuring coffee from Mr. Espresso and casual food offerings, it's got a similar vibe to Il Cane Rosso, down to offering the latter's famous egg-salad sandwich on its menu. Breakfast options include cinnamon toast, yogurt with housemade granola, farro porridge, and three kinds of frittata sandwiches, as well as house-baked muffins (roasted coconut­-cherry, brown sugar banana, and rhubarb­-ginger streusel).

At lunch, Kiino is relying heavily on farmer's market produce, with salads like a little gem and roasted broccoli Caesar and a kale, radicchio, avocado, and beet combo with lemon vinaigrette. Chicken salad, roast beef with blue cheese, bacon-wrapped meatloaf, and a cheesesteak are among the sandwich options, and there are three soups (two of them vegan). Tablehopper has the full menu. Tea cakes, housemade cookies, panna cotta, and strawberry trifle are the sweets options. The format is mostly to-go, though there's a handful of bar seats in the bright green and orange space. Hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm, and Saturday-Sunday, 8am-3pm.

· Lauren Kiino's Fearless Opening Wednesday [Tablehopper]
[Photo: @fearlessSF/Twitter]

Red Dog

303 2nd Street Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94107


303 2nd St., San Francisco, CA