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La Rondalla Plans to Finally Reopen Next Week, Probably

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The revamp of La Rondalla has become such a classic piece of San Francisco restaurant vaporware that it's basically ceased to be a conversation point other than in joke form (Tablehopper jokingly predicted at the end of last year that one of 2014's headlines would be "La Rondalla: Still Not Open"). But it looks like the Barrios family, who've been trying to make over the restaurant since it closed way back in 2007, is finally ready to reopen the joint, according to Inside Scoop. The current plan is for La Rondalla to emerge from hibernation next Thursday, May 1.

The menu is supposedly going to be quite similar to that of the old La Rondalla, back when Valencia Street hadn't yet become the city's locus of gentrification. Expect botanas, enchiladas, and margaritas, as well as some new menu items like shrimp cocktail, corn on the cob with cotija, and carnitas. Mariachi bands have been nixed in favor of a musician trio Thursday-Saturday nights, and the restaurant as a whole will be open for both lunch and dinner Tuesday-Sunday. They're taking reservations on OpenTable right now. It's sort of like the Rapture, but with more tequila.

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La Rondalla

901 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA