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Homeskillet, Hearty Fare For Mid-Market

1001 Market St., Mid-Market
Status: Softly open

The former Pearl's Deluxe Burgers space at the corner of 6th and Market has gotten a speedy turnaround to become Homeskillet, a sequel to the popular Little Griddle at 10th and Market. The owner of both operations is John Chow, whose family has quite a bit of experience in the neighborhood: they also own Little Griddle's neighbors, Happy Donuts, Lunch Geek and Ma'velous. Considering the crime and stress of 6th Street's environs caused Pearl's to pack it in, Chow seems well-positioned to make the location work: only a few years back, Little Griddle was in a similarly blighted area that was revamped thanks to the Miracle of Twitter, and Chow believes 6th Street will be similarly transformed very soon.

Like Little Griddle, Homeskillet offers a big menu of simple diner food in a small space. Bacon and eggs, scrambles, pancakes, Benedicts, and French toast (including a croissant version) are part of the breakfast lineup, alongside coffee and espresso from Equator. Diners on the run can grab yogurt and granola or breakfast sandwiches to tote back to their desks. Lunch centers around burgers, available with endless topping variations (one is stuffed with house-fried potato chips), and the classic sandwich lineup of reubens, BLTs, and turkey. (The full menu is up on their site.) The quirky space seats 20 or so folks at the mismatched tables, and the walls are decorated with fun knickknacks. Since it's only softly open, hours are erratic at the moment; as a guideline, Little Griddle opens at 7:30 am and runs until 5 pm most weekdays.

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1001 Market St., San Francisco, CA