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Watch Perbacco's Chef Read Aloud His Bad Yelp Reviews

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Restaurants vs. Yelpers is a time-worn tale at this point, but Chefs Feed has made it fun again with this video (which will be the first in a series) of chefs reading aloud (and correcting) their negative Yelp reviews. Staffan Terje of Perbacco is first up to bat, where he takes apart Jocelyn L., who said her tagliatelle was cut too thin ("Tagliatelle means 'to cut with a knife thinly' in Italian," he says), S J., who said he saw no Italians in sight (host Umberto Gibin and much of the staff are Italian), and lambastes Patrick C., a supposed European dining expert who drinks "expresso." Like Pizzeria Delfina's Yelp T-shirts, this is pretty much guaranteed entertainment.

· Chefs Read Bad Reviews | Staffan Terje [YouTube]
· One Year In with Staffan Terje and Umberto Gibin of Barbacco [~ ESF ~]


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