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The Presidio's Dixie Has Called It Quits [UPDATED]

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Dixie, shuttered when it was supposed to be open.
Dixie, shuttered when it was supposed to be open.
Photo: Madeline Austin-Kulat

Things were already looking pretty rough over at two-year-old Presidio Southern restaurant Dixie, which lost two of its partners, chef Joseph Humphrey and front-of-house manager Khalid Lahlou, last summer, as well as much of its kitchen staff, which walked with Humphrey. Managing partner Dean Tinney brought on chef Erik Hopfinger to help pull the restaurant back together, but it appears the gambit didn't work: a tipster told us Dixie has shut down for good. Dixie's OpenTable page is no longer taking reservations, its typically chatty Facebook page hasn't been updated for over a week, and a visit to the restaurant last night, when it was supposed to be open, yielded the completely dead scene above (but no sign indicating why the closure was going down). No one was answering the phone during business hours; we reached out yesterday to both Tinney and the Presidio Trust for comment, and have yet to receive a response.

Update, 1:33 pm: Tinney confirmed to Inside Scoop that Dixie is dunzo. Their landlord allowed them to defer their rent debt when they lost Humphrey, but the arrears finally came up. "So we terminated the lease and that means no more Dixie," says Tinney.

Madeline Austin-Kulat contributed reporting to this story.

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