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Place Pigalle in Trouble After Literal Shitstorm

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Hayes Valley beer spot Place Pigalle is in trouble after a sewage leak prompted friction with the spot's property manager. As first reported by Inside Scoop, the problems with a raw sewage leak began three years ago, and most recently have seen leakage through the ceiling and into the basement of the bar. Jason Perkins, managing partner of the New Parish Entertainment Group that runs Place Pigalle along with Brick & Mortar Music Hall and Oakland's New Parish and Rock Steady, says that repeated calls to enlist property manager Hayes Valley Properties in fixing the problem went unanswered.

Frustrated by the situation, which Perkins says has cost him six sets of lights and required staff to wipe down the entire bar daily with bleach (not to mention raising concerns for the wellbeing of employees and customers) Perkins called in city inspectors himself. Both building and health departments promptly issued citations and demanded that the problem be fixed, although the bar remains open at present.

Perkins says that the bar was in negotiations to sign a new lease for the space, and had agreed to a deal with a 50 percent monthly rent increase to $10,800 a month. But a week after he called in inspectors, he says Hayes Valley Properties gave Place Pigalle a 90-day notice to evict, saying its prior offer was no longer on the table.

"They never took care of our building, I had to fix their stuff for years, pay for contractors, and now we're getting kicked out," Perkins told Hoodline, calling it "ridiculous" that his calls to stop "crap literally dumped on us" have led to this juncture.

For his part, Roger Perez of Hayes Valley Properties says that the sewage leak has been repaired as of today, but hasn't otherwise commented on the contentious situation. For now, the New Parish Group is going over its legal options, so stay tuned for more news on Place Pigalle's future.

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Place Pigalle

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