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Phantom Coast Loses Tenderloin Space, Seeks New One

[Photo: Google Maps]

It's been all quiet on the Phantom Coast since the massive gastropub/brewery was announced last year. There's a reason: the project's 5,000-square-foot location at Turk and Taylor has fallen through, prompting owners Casey Gray and Keith Wilson to find a new location for their Bavarian beer-hall concept.

Though Phantom Coast had a lease at 65 Taylor Street (the former home of Club 65), the building was sold in the interim. The new owners wanted to take it in a different direction, sending Gray and Wilson (who also own Tope in North Beach) back to the drawing board. Though they've lost their location, Gray says that the concept remains the same: an in-house brewing operation, copious beers on tap (their original plan was for 75), live music and beer-hall fare like sausages and pretzels are still in the works. Since "space is a necessity" in housing a brewpub and bar, Gray says that they're still focusing on the Mid-Market and Tenderloin areas, noting that "there's a lot of potential there." Without a lease in hand, there's no concrete timeline in place, but stay tuned for updates.

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