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Here's Who Bauer Dropped From the Chron Top 100

Bauer photo: Chron; Michael Mina photo: Jennifer Yin

While Chron critic Michael Bauer was happy to list the newcomers to his Top 100 Restaurants list this year, he's remained curiously mum about the restaurants that got the boot, to which he typically devotes a second post. Due to an embargo, we can't run the whole list (and neither can SFGate, as the Chron really wants you to buy a subscription to access it), but we went ahead and did our own math on which restaurants got the boot this year. Some are obvious (shutters, places Bauer criticized in Update reviews), but there are definitely some mysteries involved, including the removal of not one but four Michelin-starred spots from the list. Our list of who Bauer dropped and, when possible, why he dropped them, ahead.

· Auberge du Soleil: Michelin star, Bauer boot.
· Canteen: Closed in late 2013, so chef Dennis Leary could focus on new projects Cafe Terminus, Trocadero Club, and the forthcoming Natoma Cabana.
· Dopo: An April visit disappointed Bauer, who says the restaurant "isn't performing at its full potential."
· Farallon: A bitchy host may have cost them their spot.
· Fifth Floor: Closed earlier this year, and recently reopened as Dirty Habit.
· Gitane: Has been undergoing a ton of chef shuffles this year; Bauer slammed it for an upselling waiter and "flatline flavors."
· Hog & Rocks
· Koi Palace: Those dirty fish tanks were bad enough, but the real crime here was dissing Bauer's best bud Cecilia Chiang with a less-than-prime table.
· Michael Mina: This is the biggest head-scratcher, considering he just praised their lunch prix-fixe recently and it got 3.5 stars on his September 2013 visit.
· Mill Valley Beerworks: Lost chef David Wilcox in January.
· Mission Chinese Food: Recipient of arguably the biggest Bauer burn of the year.
· O Chame: Closed in July 2013. New occupant Iyasare made the list.
· Osteria Stellina
· Outerlands: Has been closed for renovations since December, and dropped chef Brett Cooper to boot.
· Pesce: Bauer wasn't digging their new space.
· Press: "Missing that extra flair" back in March.
· Spruce: With a Michelin star in its pocket and no Update review, this is a curious one for sure.
· Trick Dog: Maybe he got sick of people asking about his sign?
· Wakuriya: Supposedly the "deal of the century" last February; another Michelin-star snub.
· Waterbar

Oh, and here are Bauer's 10 favorite dishes that he ate in this year's Top 100 quest.

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