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Take a Tour of Outerlands' Stunning New Renovation

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[Photos: Patricia Chang]

It took longer than anticipated (over five months), but as the photos below show, the renovation and expansion of Outerlands was well worth the wait. The restaurant's decor, which has always looked ripped from the pages of Dwell, is even more impressive because owners David Muller and Lana Porcello designed it by themselves. The undulating wood curves and rough-hewn tables now extend into the former Wo's Chinese space next door, where 20 new seats and 10 barstools have been added, making it slightly easier to get into a restaurant that was notorious for its tiny size and long lines.

While Muller and Porcello parted ways with longtime chef Brett Cooper in the midst of the renovation process, new chef Greg Kuzia-Carmel (Per Se, Altamarea Group) is in the kitchen and ready to shake up the menu. Right now, the restaurant is only serving weekday lunch (here's the menu, and yes, the grilled cheese is on it), but over the next few weeks, they'll gradually be adding morning breakfast service spearheaded by pastry chef Brooke Mosley (weekdays from 8-10 am), brunch (now on both Saturdays and Sundays), and finally, bar bites and dinner. The drinks from the full bar are also getting renewed attention, with Chris O'Brien as manager and Foreign Cinema's bar manager Kevin Dowell as a consultant. For now, hours are weekdays from 10 am-3 pm; as more services and menus are added, we'll let you know. Also, they aren't taking reservations until June at the earliest, so be advised that it's a walk-in-only proposition for now.

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