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Magnolia Dogpatch and Smokestack Are Finally Here

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[Photos: Patricia Chang]

After years of delays and setbacks, it sometimes seemed like Magnolia's Dogpatch location might never open, but its day in the sun has finally come. The brewery and its accompanying BBQ restaurant, Smokestack, is targeting a Monday opening, finally welcoming in the neighborhood for a taste of the brews that made Dave McLean one of the city's biggest beer players at the original Haight location, as well as a creative take on 'cue from Namu Gaji chef Dennis Lee. Like the original location, Smokestack's name was chosen as a Grateful Dead tribute (the song "Smokestack Lightning") and a reference to the building's former life as a factory.

Lee's BBQ is self-described as "non-denominational," with influences from the Carolinas, Kansas City, Texas, and even Asia. Two wood-fired smokers and two grill pits will put out brisket, spare ribs, short ribs, smoked chicken, sausage, and pork belly, all by the pound, and sides will be both traditional (baked beans with burnt ends) and less so (Namu's famed kimchi). It's counter service, so plan on ordering and finding a seat. On the drinks side, the focus is, of course, beer, with 12-15 taps of McLean's finest (that's more than at the Haight location). The Kalifornia Kolsch, Blue Bell Bitter, and Proving Ground IPA will be staples, but expect some more unusual offerings, including gruits, cask beers, and barrel-aged beers, as well. Eric Quilty (East Bay Spice Company, Jupiter Olympus) is managing the full bar, where he'll offer a big selection of American whiskies and cocktails like the On the Drumhead, which blends whiskey with black cardamom, vetiver bitters, and a syrup made from Magnolia's Cole Porter.

The former can factory was redone by Nothing:Something:NY and Martin Heid Design/Build, and is intended to look as if it hasn't been touched since the '30s, with a rough-and-tumble industrial vibe and intentionally distressed fixtures. There's an 80-seat dining room, a big marble bar, and exposed piping that runs from the brewery to the bar, which features a huge ladder-accessible shelf of booze. The big communal tables also have a connection to the original location, having been made from an acacia tree on Haight that had to be cut down. McLean's current plan is to open at 4 pm on Monday, but that may change. Regular hours and a full menu are also still being worked out; we'll provide updates in regard to all three issues.

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