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Papalote Is Serving a Mac-and-Cheese Burrito Tomorrow

Burrito photo: Miguel Escobedo; Papalote photo: Papalote

We've already seen that mac and cheese can become a topping for a burger, so what's stopping it from being fodder for a burrito? Apparently, nothing, as Papalote's Miguel Escobedo told The Bold Italic: use it to replace rice as the starch component, add protein and a vegetable, and you're good to go. The resulting creation, dubbed the Soulrrito, combines salsa-infused mac and cheese, tri-tip, yams, and collard greens, all wrapped in a flour tortilla. It's a collaboration between Escobedo and Pam the Funkstress, a DJ who owns Foster City's Piccadilly Catering and Restaurant. It's available tomorrow only at Papalote's Mission location beginning at 11 am, and quantities are limited. The standard Soulrrito is $11.25, a vegetarian version with Papalote's well-loved soyrizo is $9.10, and the Instagrams are priceless.

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3409 24th St., San Francisco, CA