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Papalote's Mac-and-Cheese Burrito Sold Out in 30 Minutes, Will Return Saturday with Fried Chicken

The Soulrrito line.
The Soulrrito line.
Photo: papalote415/Instagram

Woe betide anyone who thought they'd swing by Papalote on the late side to sample a Soulrrito, the taqueria's one-day-only, mac-and-cheese-filled collaboration with Foster City's Piccadilly Catering and Restaurant. A massive line stretched out the door at the 11 am drop time, and the Southern-style burritos (which also contained tri-tip, collard greens, and yams) apparently disappeared by 11:30, necessitating a "The #Soulrrito Is Sold Out" sign on the taqueria's front door. Echoes of Bagelgate, to be sure.

Given the crowds, it'll come as no surprise that the Soulrrito's reign isn't over: Papalote told the Bold Italic that they'll be returning this weekend with the Soulrrito 2, which swaps out the tri-tip for fried chicken. Prices will remain the same, at $11.25 for the chicken Soulrrito and $9.10 for a vegetarian soyrizo version. And beginning June 9, Pam "the Funkstress" Warren, who co-created the Soulrrito with Papalote's Miguel Escobedo, will offer it full-time at her new Picadilly Catering Express outlet in Foster City. As for those who criticized the Soulrrito for its inauthenticity or cited it as another exemplar of Mission gentrification, Papalote co-owner Escobedo says his 15 years of burrito-slinging should be sufficient to earn him a pass. ""I think I've earned the right to have fun with burritos," he told the Bold Italic.

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