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Grand Cafe Closing to Become More Casual Restaurant

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Grand Cafe. [Photo: Hotel Monaco]

With its high ceilings, Deco accents, and signature mosaics, the historic Grand Cafe is certainly worthy of its name. But as anyone who's followed the hotel restaurant scene of late is likely aware, upscale restaurants are on their way out in a big way, with such transformations as Fifth Floor becoming Dirty Habit, the Ritz-Carlton dining room becoming Parallel 37, and Seasons at the Four Seasons becoming MKT. And so, as Inside Scoop reports, the Grand Cafe will close this summer, with management group Kimpton turning it into a casual spot, details TBD.

At 230 seats, the space has long been one of the city's largest, and the plan is to subdivide it, with the main dining area turning into a ballroom (the purpose for which it was originally built). The "Petit Cafe," the bar area in front, will house the revamped restaurant. It's definitely the end of an era for the historic space, which has launched the careers of Ron Boyd, Paul Arenstam, Victor Scargle, and Fabrice Roux, among others. Alicia Jenish left the restaurant for Franck LeClerc's team earlier this year, and it's unclear at the moment if Dirk Tolsma, her replacement, will stay on. We'll have more on the revamp plans as they're announced, but fans should plan a visit before July 31, which will be the restaurant's final day.

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Grand Cafe

501 Geary St., San Francisco, CA