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Watch More Bay Area Chefs Read Bad Yelp Reviews Aloud

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Yelp's discontents everywhere were cheered by a recent video featuring Perbacco's Staffan Terje reading his negative Yelp reviews aloud (and firing back about their inaccuracies). The video was the first in what has turned out to be a regular series from Chefs Feed, meaning there are new episodes featuring the likes of Richie Nakano of Hapa Ramen (seen above discussing "oily scum," pork belly fat ratios, and noodle betrayal), Kim Alter of Plum, Hiro Sone of Terra, Chris Beerman of Citizen's Band, Greg Dunmore of Nojo, Michael Siegel of Shorty Goldstein's and Telmo Faria of Tacolicious.

Watch Kim Alter address a "Frankenchicken monstrosity" that haunted a Haven guest, and more.

Here's Hiro Sone reading from a disgruntled martini drinker, a diner too full to remember dessert, and a misguided mathematician who figures they're making a 60-80% profit margin on food.

Chris Beerman takes on a pink pork chop disbeliever, a dieter who thinks the mac n' cheese is too heavy, and a critic of the restaurant's interior design.

Greg Dunmore considers the case of the invisible miso, gizzards that taste like gizzards, and forgettable good dishes.

Here's Telmo Faria on Tacolicious' happy-endings policy, gentrification and "weird" pricing.

And finally, here's Michael Siegel talking Jewish street cred and the difference between pastrami and corned beef.

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