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Print-at-Home Makeup; Perfect Marin Weekend; Best Haircuts; More!

Welcome to On the Racked, where Racked SF intern Darcy Boynton shares the top fashion and retail news of the week.

Photo via TechCrunch

EVERYWHERE—Sephora, beware: this Harvard Business School grad has invented a 3D-printer that prints makeup, right in your own home.

EVERYWHERE—Palo Alto-based Deliv might become top dog in the same-day delivery market, particularly since it offers an impressive array of luxury retailers.

SAN FRANCISCO—Does your hair need an upgrade? Check out our list of eight San Francisco salons for the perfect summer haircut!

EVERYWHERE—According to Forrester Research, when it comes to brand outreach, Menlo Park-based Instagram is the most effective form of social media.

SAN FRANCISCO—Commuters will love Iladora, an SF-based, sustainable clothing line that makes sporty but office-appropriate duds specifically designed for those who bike to work.

SAN FRANCISCO—Many of San Francisco's top boutiques were founded by former Gap employees, which makes Gap the Harvard of retail.

SILICON VALLEY—Looks like normcore isn't going away: HBO's popular new "Silicon Valley" nails tech fashion, hoodies and all.

NORTH BAY—Need an escape from city life? Racked contributor Robyn Hagan Cain has planned the perfect weekend in Marin.