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Bauer Announces 2014's Chron Top 100 Additions

Michael Bauer is once again dropping his annual Chron list of the Bay Area's top 100 restaurants on Sunday, and in his traditional Friday teaser, he's listed the 20 restaurants that he added this year. There are several newcomers, like Coqueta, Nico, Iyasare, Tosca Cafe, and The Cavalier, but there's also quite a few former players that rose back to appearances: Bar Agricole, Maven, Wayfare Tavern, St. Vincent, and Range, among others. 20 additions is pretty typical for Bauer, who added 21 new spots last year and 17 in 2012. We'll have more on the spots that didn't make the cut this year when the full list comes out on Sunday.

Bar Agricole
The Cavalier
Ciccio, Yountville
Farmshop, Larkspur
Hong Kong Lounge II
Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar
Iyasare, Berkeley
Madrona Manor, Healdsburg
Nido, Oakland
Picco, Larkspur
Santé, Sonoma
Sir & Star, Olema
St. Vincent
Tosca Cafe
Wayfare Tavern

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