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Sprig's Stuart Brioza Menu Sold Out in 11 Minutes

Screenshot: Anna Roth; SBP photo: Patricia Chang

In a turn of events that surprised no one, getting a Sprig meal from guest chef Stuart Brioza of State Bird Provisions turned out to be just as difficult as getting into the mega-hyped restaurant. SF Weekly critic Anna Roth tweeted that all three of Brioza's food offerings for the healthy meal-delivery service had vanished from their app within the first 11 minutes, and while the kitchen staff apparently was double-timing to get another batch of meals ready, it's not clear whether any made it out the door. "Hope you enjoyed the guest menu! Now back to work for us to make it smoother and better next time," the company tweeted, while others complained about the lack of stock. Hopefully they'll stockpile some more food for the next guest-chef appearance, Bar Tartine's Cortney Burns, on Thursday, June 26.

Update, 2:01 pm: A Twitter user says he was able to get a meal around 7 pm, so it looks like another batch did make it out.

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