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Amber Dhara Shut Down for Repeat Rodent Offenses

[Photo: Amber Dhara/Facebook]

Last week, a tipster notified us that Amber Dhara, Valencia Street's massive and perpetually under-attended Indian restaurant, had been shut down for a health code violation on Thursday. Now, we know why: according to the citation issued by health inspector Douglas Obana, Vijay Bist's restaurant had a "vermin infestation" that required "immediate correction or cessation of the operation."

"They were closed due to rodent activity in their bar and waiter station," Obana told us, saying that the rats were coming from the restaurant's elevator shaft, despite repeated warnings about the issue. "It was a repeat violation. I was there in April and again in early May, and I came back this time and closed them down."

Though they were shut down Thursday, they were able to open up again on Friday after calling in their contractor and the elevator company to begin sealing holes in the elevator shaft. Then, Obana says, he'll give them a week or two before returning to make sure that the problem has been resolved. "It was an issue, but it was more of an issue that it should've been taken care of and wasn't."

The incident follows a rather prescient visit from the Grim Reaper, who made an appearance outside the restaurant last month to protest the restaurant group for failing to hire union carpenters.

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Amber Dhara

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