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Martha Stewart Hits Mitchell's and Tartine, Snarks on Ichi's Wall Art

Ichi photo: Patricia Chang

She may be 72, but Martha Stewart has the dining savvy of a hip twentysomething. After breezing into Mission Chinese Food on her last visit to SF, she decided to dine at Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar last night, where she dropped some snarky tweets about their Erik Marinovich mural, which explains how to eat sushi. "Are we at the Soup Nazi or what?" read one tweet, while another said "And another 'order'...The wall art actually should be printed on place mats." Nonetheless, Ichi's owners were gracious, saying that "it was our honor" to have Martha in. She then asked her Twitter followers if post-Ichi ice cream at Mitchell's was "worth it" (they all said yes, but it's unclear if she took the plunge), before hitting Tartine Bakery this morning for some morning buns ("worth the wait").

Here are Martha's SF dining tweets, including her infamously less-than-appetizing food snaps:

Want to meet Martha and ask her about her sushi and croissant preferences? She'll be signing books at Macy's Union Square at noon.

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