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Get to Know the Creator of Knob Creek® Bourbon

Booker Noe sure had a lot to say while crafting the big, full flavor of Knob Creek® Bourbon. And for those who would pour a drink and listen, he had endless words of wit and wisdom. Enjoy a taste of some of Booker's famous sayings, which those who knew him called, "Bookerisms".

Booker Noe's larger-than-life personality came from growing up in the heart of Kentucky. Having learned the bourbon business from 5 generations of family distillers before him—dating back to 1795. Booker actually introduced the world to Small Batch Bourbon when he released Knob Creek® and is heralded by many as among the greatest bourbon men to ever live. So next time you pour a glass of Knob Creek®, think about the man behind the bourbon and be inspired by his famous "Bookerisms".

Watch the new Knob Creek® TV spot featuring Booker's famous saying.

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