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Watch Dominique Crenn Drink at Rich Table with Vice

A new installment of Vice Munchies' chef-on-the-town videos has landed, and this time it features Dominique Crenn and friends. Watch as the two-Michelin-starred chef talks about her self-taught cooking skills, her painter father, and how she uses menus as poems, then heads out on the town with friends Mika Takeuchi and Bar Tartine chef Cortney Burns. The trio hit Rich Table to sample Evan Rich's "sex in your mouth" dishes, go late-night cheese-shopping at Gourmet & More, then hit Trou Normand for cocktails before returning to Atelier Crenn for a tipsy grilled cheese bonanza. Is Crenn a "proper person"? "I am...on TV."

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Atelier Crenn

3127 Fillmore Street, , CA 94123 (415) 440-0460 Visit Website

Rich Table

199 Gough Street, , CA 94102 (415) 355-9085 Visit Website