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Lower Haight Bar Leads to FBI's Chamberlain Arrest

Photo: mp3monster/Flickr

The big local news story yesterday was the arrest of Ryan Chamberlain, the former SF political worker who became an FBI fugitive after explosives were reportedly found in his Russian Hill home. He managed to evade the feds for two days, but the clue that ultimately led to his arrest was his withdrawal of cash from an ATM at Lower Haight bar Mad Dog in the Fog. Agents swarmed the bar 20 minutes after his use of the ATM (the bartender told Hoodline that he didn't stay for a drink), ultimately arresting him near the Golden Gate Bridge. The media, tipped off by Twitter reports, quickly descended on the bar, lending it some free national publicity. Chamberlain remains in custody; a number of details of his case, including an apparent suicide note that he tweeted, are still unclear.

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Mad Dog in the Fog

530 Haight St., San Francisco, CA