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Tony's Dough Record; Inside the Former Esta Noche

NORTH BEACH—Hordes of people (more than usual, at least) gathered outside Tony's Pizza Napoletana on Saturday morning to aid owner Tony Gemignani in his quest to set a world record for the most people tossing pizza dough at one time. The event was a success, with 263 people tossing at once and over $20,000 raised for charity. [ABC]

MISSION—Back in February, we broke the news that iconic gay bar Esta Noche was closing, with a takeover and remodel from the folks at WISH in the works. Now, take a peek inside the gutted shell of the building as those plans progress. [Uptown Almanac]

HAYES VALLEYNewish chicken joint Proposition Chicken has added beer and wine to their offering of chicken three ways, and there's another, somewhat less heartening update. Though they opened with the intention of staying open 'til 2am on weekends, they now close at 9pm every night. [Hoodline]

HAYES VALLEY—Over by Patricia's Green, say goodbye to Narney the Juice Shop truck: she's officially been replaced by the permanent 'Juice Box,' an attractive wooden kiosk that sells juice from 8am-7pm daily. [Hoodline]