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How Ayr Muir Is Shaping the Future of Fast Food

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In partnership with Don Julio Tequila's Collective—a series of profiles of contemporary visionaries, craftsman and artists, who have made bold moves in the pursuit of their passion—Eater profiled three innovators who made drastic career changes to realize their passion for food. See those stories unfold here, and meet the rest of the collective this way. >>

After running labs at MIT and getting an MBA at Harvard, Ayr Muir—founder and CEO of Boston's Clover Food Labs—decided he wanted to change the way American's eat rather than consult big businesses, a drastic career change that puts him where he is today. At Clover Food Labs, every day he tackles environmental issues and works to build a community around food.

In the video above, find out why Ayr decided to follow his dream to shape the future of fast food.Advertisement