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Dave Cruz's St. Helena Pop-Up Has Been Cancelled

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The Wood Grill space won't be hosting Miles.
The Wood Grill space won't be hosting Miles.
Photo: TripAdvisor

Sad news from Napa: just two weeks after longtime Ad Hoc chef Dave Cruz announced he'd be doing a six-month pop-up in St. Helena's former Cindy Pawlcyn's Wood Grill space, the deal has fallen through. "I've tried to secure an alternate location here in Napa...Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I will have secured a new site by our target start date of July 4th," says Cruz, who'd planned to test out his forthcoming restaurant concept Miles (named for his son), as well as a daytime barbecue spinoff, MQ. While the loss of the space is an unfortunate setback, Cruz is still full steam ahead on Miles' permanent space in downtown Napa, which is expected to open in early 2015. "I want to thank everyone for their interest and support, and hope to share good news in the future," he says.

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641 Main St., St. Helena, CA