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California's Hated Glove Law Has Officially Been Repealed

Iso Rabins, not wearing gloves (with Katie Kwan of Rice Paper Scissors). [Photo: Albert Law/Pork Belly Studio]

The much-criticized law that would have required food handlers to wear gloves has officially been repealed, much to the relief of sushi chefs, bartenders who handle cocktail garnishes, and pretty much everyone else in the restaurant industry.

On Saturday, Governor Jerry Brown signed the repeal, which was introduced by assemblyman Richard Pan with near-universal support from restaurateurs, chefs, and organizations concerned with the environmental impact of statewide disposable glove use. That means that, effective immediately, the state's food-handling law will revert to its previous incarnation, which advises minimal hand contact with ready-to-eat foods.

Though perhaps inevitable, the repeal still marks a sweet victory against dunderheaded policy-making. "This law would have created mountains of trash, but yet another burden on small businesses, and actually made us less safe," announced Iso Rabins of ForageSF, who spearheaded local opposition to the law alongside Josh Miller. Barehanded high fives all around.

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