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Local's Corner Under Fire From Protesters Again

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[Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux]

Anti-gentrification activists are once again speaking out against Yaron Milgrom's Mission mini-empire (Local's Corner, Local Cellar, Local Mission Market, Local Mission Eatery), calling for a boycott of the businesses that they claim have exhibited discriminatory business practices.

As Mission Local reports, the local chapter of Californians for Community Empowerment has asked that Milgrom sign an agreement agreeing to sensitivity training, a local hiring program and other demands in the aftermath of protests over alleged discrimination last year (the issue first came to light after a Mission resident and her family claimed they were turned away from the restaurant). The issue is heating up, with the group vowing to boycott the Mission businesses until demands like clear seating policies and anti-discrimination resources are posted.

For his part, Milgrom says he has already met many of the demands, but declines to sign off on the protesters' official list, saying their approach has been confrontational, personal and has incited multiple acts of vandalism. Business for his restaurants and shops has suffered, he says, in part because of protests that have framed the issue as Mission locals versus Local Mission.

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