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Beast and the Hare To Close, Brett Cooper Taking Over

Just a couple months after being enlisted to the ever-growing Daniel Patterson Group, former Outerlands chef Brett Cooper is making waves. Back in May, he helped launch Ume, Daniel Patterson's Plum reinvention, and he's also been instrumental in menu development for a forthcoming Tenderloin spot that doubles as a Saison reunion.

Now, Inside Scoop brings word that Daniel Patterson is holding up his end of the bargain that brought Cooper onboard: the DPG has secured the corner of Guerrero and 22nd Street, currently home to Beast and the Hare, for Cooper's next project.

The three and half year-old Beast and the Hare is known for its meaty, nose-to-tail menu (we profiled charcutier Ian Marks, who runs the spot along with Dylan Denicke, just last week). Now, Cooper hopes to bring a casual but still elevated menu to his as-yet unnamed space, which will feature a communal table, a chef's counter, and the addition of pastry chef Sean Ehland (of Charleston's McCrady's).

There's not word yet on exactly when Beast and the Hare will close, but the new spot is targeting a November opening, so fans of the restaurant's famed charcuterie plate should plan to stop by to bid farewell as soon as they can.

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Beast and The Hare

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