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Watch Azalina Eusope Build Her First Restaurant

Azalina Eusope, the powerhouse behind Azalina's Malaysian, has risen from Off the Grid favorite to catering maven to maker of sauces in the aisle of your local Whole Foods. These days, she's simultaneously embarking on her two biggest projects yet: building a commercial kitchen of her own and opening her first brick-and-mortar restaurant, in the Twitter building. For the next few months, the Mashable video series "Setting Up Shop" will be following Azalina and her husband as they try to make it happen (spoiler: it won't be easy). Some fun facts from this first installment: Azalina gets two hours of sleep most nights, she met husband Tim when she was selling desserts on the street, and she grew up without television and didn't use a computer for the first time until 2002.

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Azalina's Malaysian

1355 Market St., San Francisco, CA

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