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Watch Daniel Patterson Go Out on the Town with Vice

One by one, Vice's Munchies arm has come for our local chefs, spending wild evenings out with the State Bird folks and Dominique Crenn. Now, they're taking out Daniel Patterson, who spends a night out on the town with his wife. Anyone who's met Patterson knows he's a pretty serious guy, so did he get tanked? As it turns out, not really—he was still composed enough at the end of the night to make a veggie scramble with Sriracha for 27 people at Plum (the video was filmed before its shift to Ume). Along the way, he stops at Benu (Corey Lee: "Have you seen these videos? You guys should be f--ked up by now!"), Alta CA (where he's joined by two of its investors, one of whom was on the infamous MIT blackjack team whose story was turned into the film 21), and Kin Khao. Also, Patterson has never heard of Pop-Up Video.

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Kin Khao

55 Cyril Magnin Street, , CA 94102 (415) 362-7456 Visit Website

Alta CA

1420 Market Street, , CA 94102 (415) 590-2585 Visit Website


2214 Broadway Street, Oakland, CA Visit Website


22 Hawthorne Street, , CA 94105 (415) 685-4860 Visit Website