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Foie Ban Appeal; Cocktail-Making Robot Contest

CALIFORNIA—Though buying and selling foie gras is illegal in California, thirteen states have filed a brief asking the Supreme Court to review the ban. Big meat producers like Iowa, Missouri and Kansas are behind the action, likely to forestall further animal rights legislation that could affect them. [Inside Scoop]

SOMA—Suffering from Maker Fair withdrawal? Fire up the robotics kit for a unique competition hosted by DNA Lounge. On Sept. 14, contestants will convene to show off robots designed with bartending in mind, with inventions judged on a criteria of style, efficiency of intoxication, and "terrible ideas and mad science." The deadline to enter is Aug. 31, so best start tinkering in the garage now. [SFist]

HAYES VALLEY—After a literal shitstorm left Place Pigalle on shaky ground with its lease, the bar has filed a lawsuit for breach of contract and loss of business. But while they may have stalled an eviction, they are now on the lookout for a new Hayes Valley space. [Hoodline]

MISSION—Grab a seat at St. Vincent tonight for a special wine dinner with Oro en Paz, the Treasure Island-based winemaker that began in a San Francisco garage. Event runs 5:30-10pm, call for reservations. [EaterWire]

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