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Delivery Startup Offering $1 Dinners Today & Tomorrow

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Photo: TechCrunch

Startups delivering speedy, affordable pre-made meals are a hot commodity these days, and East Bay-based Spoonrocket, which has made some inroads into lunch delivery for portions of the SF market, has decided to launch its full SF dinner service with a bang. Tonight and tomorrow, July 21 and 22, Spoonrocket will offer all its meals for $1 (limit one per customer), with delivery to any curb in the SF city limits. Today's menu options (from former Rotunda at Neiman Marcus chef Barney Brown) are beef and vegetable stew, salmon nicoise salad, and veggie lasagna; tomorrow brings Provençal chicken with vegetables, spinach-ricotta ravioli, or Southwestern salad with albacore tuna. Delivery is offered from 5-9 pm, in what the company is billing as "San Francisco's largest dinner party." But if you can't try it this week, Spoonrocket is still pretty affordable: dishes typically run $10, including tax and a 15% tip.

· Spoonrocket [Official website]

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