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Saison to No Longer Have a McDonald's Across the Street

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Saison, as viewed from McDonald's.
Saison, as viewed from McDonald's.
Photo: Brock Keeling/SFist

Saison's location near AT&T Park isn't a traditional bastion of SF luxury, and as such, it comes with a few quirks: streams of ballpark fans, Caltrain commuters hustling home off the Baby Bullet, and, most notably, a McDonald's across the street. But San Francisco's most and least expensive restaurants won't be sharing a block for too much longer. The South Beach McDonald's, long a hotspot for scalped tickets, random Giants merchandise, and Quarter Pounders, has been snapped up by Colorado-based Stonebridge, which hopes to build a 225-room hotel there. No word yet on when the McDonald's will serve up its final order of McNuggets, but we're guessing they won't be on the menu in Joshua Skenes' new test kitchen.

Update, 8:59 am: Some astute film buffs have noted that this McDonald's, in its days as a Burger Island, is where Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry uttered the iconic line "Go ahead, make my day," in the film Sudden Impact.

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