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AT&T Park Slice House Expands Tony Gemignani's Pizza Empire

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With the Giants riding high as NL West division leaders, restaurateur Tony Gemignani is also at the top of his game, with Forbes naming Tony's Pizza Napoletana "the best pizzeria in America" and Gemignani developing a handful of Las Vegas outposts.

Now, as first mentioned in our Pizza Week interview with Gemignani, he's set to debut a second Slice House location at AT&T Park (the first one is inside Graton Casino in Rohnert Park). Slated to open up shop tomorrow for the series opener against the hated Dodgers, the new spot is located on the View Level, Section 314, which hovers high and slightly along the first base line behind home plate.

Inside Scoop has details on the menu, which for now will feature two $6.50 slice options, a New York-style cheese or a pepperoni, turned out of two double-stack, high-capacity Italian brick ovens. Once things get going, Gemignani will expand the menu with ballpark-appropriate additions like a stromboli and Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich.

Though first approached with the idea a couple years ago, the debut of the ballpark's Slice House outpost took a little while, in part due to the development of the park's newly debuted edible garden. But if all goes according to plan, this won't be the only location in the park: according to Gemignani, three or four more slice outlets may be added in time for next season.

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Slice House

24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA