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The Five Days of Meat Starts Right This Very Second

Yee's Restaurant, Chinatown.
Yee's Restaurant, Chinatown.
Photo: houseofkoenig/Flickr

Loosen your belt, tuck in your napkin, and get ready: for the next five days, Eater is unleashing our carnivore-crazy theme week, The Five Days of Meat. (Apologies in advance, vegetarians.) For the next week, we'll be getting to know the city's best butchers, charcutiers, meat-loving chefs, and more. Iconically meaty dishes? Meat on a stick? Hot dogs a-go-go? They'll all be appearing in our pages, alongside mouthwatering photographic looks at meaty restaurants worth sinking your teeth into. Got a meaty craving that needs satisfying? Hit up the tipline. Otherwise, kick back, grab a toothpick, and prepare to be treated to a week of meaty deliciousness.

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