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Foghorn Bayview Headed to Third Street

[Photo: Foghorn Bayview/Facebook]

With the Dogpatch humming as one of the city's new "it" neighborhoods, it's no surprise that projects have begun making their way further south into Bayview. Such is the case with Foghorn Bayview, a new Southern concept from Eric Nyeste and Josh Wallace.

As Tablehopper reports, Nyeste is involved with the Bayview Underground Food Scene, and Wallace is a friend and architect. The two are collaborating on the buildout and planning of the new space, which will follow sustainable building guidelines in transforming the former Jackie Norman campaign space at 3rd St. and McKinnon into a 26-seat restaurant.

Though a chef and specific dishes have yet to be revealed, the idea is to offer a "high-quality Southern" menu that incorporates seasonal and local ingredients. Breakfast and lunch service will follow a fast-casual format, and dinner hours, events, and beer and wine could be on the way after Foghorn gets going.

Though details are scarce, Tablehopper does note that De La Paz coffee and a non-alcoholic "cocktail" bar are in the works (think creative takes on sodas, juices and coolers that riff on the process behind craft cocktails). Nyeste, a native Atlantan, also promises fresh biscuits served with seasonally-rotating preserves.

For now, the pair are working towards a November opening date. We'll keep you posted with updates as they get closer.

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Foghorn Bayview

4608 3rd St., San Francisco CA