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Here's the Menu For Saturday's SF Street Food Festival

[Photo: Steve Rhodes/Flickr]

This year marks the final SF Street Food Festival in the Mission, and possibly the last one ever—time to make it count. To help you plan your gastronomic adventures, we've got the full lineup of what everyone's serving. Every cuisine imaginable is represented at the festival: you'll find Thai, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Indian, and more, plus vegan options and plenty of sweets.

If you want to extend the fun to Friday, there's also a Fried Chicken Family Meal this year, featuring global takes on yardbird from To Hyang, the forthcoming Citizen Fox, Hopscotch, Abura-Ya, Starbelly, Traci des Jardins, and some guests from out of town (including Seattle's Huxley Wallace Collective and Alabama-based Jim and Nick's). $75 buys endless fried chicken and sides, plus three drink tokens; bump it to $125, and you get access to an open bar. All the profits from both events benefit La Cocina, which helps immigrant women start their own food businesses; you'll see many of their alumni serving at the event, so stop by and say hi.

As always, each vendor will present one small bite, one large bite, and a drink (usually), with no single item over $8. Without further ado, here's Saturday's massive menu:

4505 Meats – Frankaroni (fried mac and cheese with bacon hot dog bits), Best Damn Cheeseburger, mint-lime iced tea
A16 - Fried ascolane-breaded olives, meatball sandwich with pecorino and basil, peach and elderberry Italian soda
Alicia's Tamales Los Mayas – Chicken, pork, and/or cheese tamales; aguas frescas
Anda Piroshki - Piroshki (beef-grilled onion or spinach-feta), "Vladimir Poutine" (fries with mushroom stroganoff), Russian berry drink
Azalina's – Sweet-potato dumplings, curry noodles with chicken, rose-basil-coconut drink
Basa Seafood Express – Kimchi mussels, spicy salmon poke, fresh mint lemonade
Beijing Restaurant – Salt and pepper chicken, Chinese cold noodles, plum juice
Bicycle Banh Mi – Tri-colored root slaw, fried chicken banh mi, pineapple-mint ginger soda
Bini's Kitchen – Momos (Nepalese dumplings) and mango yogurt lassis
Chef Pelle - Moose sliders with caramelized onions and blue cheese, cured salmon crostini, carrot and parsnip fries
Chiefo's Kitchen - Akara (fried bean fritters) with habanero sauce, plantain and rum bread pudding, ginger-hibiscus tea
Chino - Braised pork noodles, cucumber salad, boba tea
Cholita Linda - Fish, carnitas, or veggie tacos; fried plantains with dulce de leche; mango-maracuya agua fresca
Crumble & Whisk - NY-style or vanilla-bourbon cheesecake
Curry Up Now – Samosas, tikka masala burrito, mango lassi
D'Maize – Pupusas (pork, bean, or veggie), chicken skewer, tamarindo or chia seed aguas frescas
Delicioso Creperie – Nutella or dulce de leche crepes, horchata
El Buen Comer – Huaraches (beef or chicken), tostadas (beef, chicken, or nopales), aguas frescas
El Huarache Loco – Huaraches de nopal, tacos de alambre, watermelon agua fresca
El Nuevo Frutilandia – Roast pork with rice, tostones with garlic-lemon sauce, passion fruit-guava punch
El Pipila – Rajas quesadillas, beef or nopal sopes, aguas frescas
El Sur – Caprese and short-rib empanadas, dulce de leche bomboloni, cucumber soda
Endless Summer Sweets – Funnel cakes with strawberries, kettle corn, lemonade
Estrellita's Snacks – Tamales or pupusas, with rice and beans; aguas frescas
Fine & Rare - Smoked-salmon Reuben; halibut ceviche; Arnold Palmers
Frita's Shack - Carne asada fries, vampire taco (carnitas taco wrapped in chile quesadilla), chile-cucumber agua fresca
Frozen Kuhsterd - Frozen custard, Dynamo donut custard sandwiches, egg creams
Gerard's Paella - Chicken and shrimp or pork sausage paella
Good Foods Catering – Fried smoked chicken with bacon BBQ sauce, jambalaya, strawberry-basil lemonade
Grilled Cheez Guy - Nacho or peach-goat cheese-balsamic grilled cheeses
Gyro & Cheesesteak Trolley - Beef or chicken cheesesteaks, gyro fries
Heirloom Café – TBD
Hella Vegan Eats – Potsticker burrito, "chicken" and waffle mini-bite, strawberry-basil-watermelon agua fresca
Il Cane Rosso – Fish and chips, spicy pickled quail eggs, mint-ginger iced tea
Indian Bento - Roti paratha with saag paneer
Kama Food Lab - Samosas, "fusion sandwiches," mango juice drink
Jarred SF Brine – Fried Pickled Green Beans, Jarred's Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Kasa Indian Eatery – Kati rolls or rice plates, with chicken tikka masala or vegan green beans; coconut, strawberry, and mango lassis
Kika's Treats – Brazilian cheese bread, gourmet s'mores, spiced vegan hot chocolate
KoJa Kitchen – Kamikaze fries, wonton tacos, strawberry mango mint lemonade
Kronnerburger - Kronnerburger, roasted bone marrow
La Luna Cupcakes – Mini cupcakes and cake pops, iced tea
La Victoria Bakery – Tres leches/goats' milk/blueberry parfait, Mexican macaroon with chocolate, vanilla-strawberry concha, cookie bag, prickly pear agua fresca, Equator cold brew coffee
Lers Ros – Sticky rice with mango, young coconut in shell, Thai iced tea
Liba Falafel – Falafel tacos, sweet potato fries, blackberry iced tea with coconut milk
Little Red Riding Truck - Schnitzel sliders, potato salad, currywurst, sparkling apple juice
Los Cilantros – Halibut ceviche, elotes (Mexican street corn), aguas frescas
Minnie Bell's Soul Movement - Rosemary fried chicken wings, sweet cornbread bites, citrus-mint sweet tea
Mozzeria – Margherita pizza, veal and pork meatball sandwich, ginger iced tea
Namu Street Food – Korean tacos, okonomiyaki, blood orange lemonade
Nojo – Nojo sundae, roasted strawberries, iced tea
Nombe – Ramenburgers, avocado fries, virgin sangria
Nosh This – Chocolate-almond toffee
Onigilly – Onigiri (Japanese rice balls)
Osha Thai – Samosas, crispy veggie rolls, pumpkin curry, Thai-style ceviche, Thai iced tea, Thai iced coffee
Pig & Pie – German Potato Salad, Bratwurst w/ Sauerkraut
Pinx – Maple-glazed bacon, crab and shrimp roll, watermelon-mint lemonade
Radio Africa & Kitchen – Ahi tuna kitfo, seven-vegetable tagine, hibiscus lemonade
Rasoi - Vada pav, papdi chaat, spiced lemonade
Rice Paper Scissors – Beef-mushroom pho rolls, fried daikon cakes, Vietnamese iced coffee
Salumeria - Fried chicken, biscuit with peach honey butter, watermelon-mint agua fresca
Secret Scoop - Thai-style gelato and sorbet, roasted coconut, Thai iced tea (regular or vegan)
Seoul on Wheels – Korean burrito, Korean BBQ taco, honey-yuzu lemonade
Stones Throw – Octopus okonomiyaki on a stick, puffed potato and egg, sparkling yuzu lemonade
Sugar & Spun - Cotton candy
Sweets Collection – Tequila jelly shots
Tacolicious – Fish tacos, chips and guacamole, aguas frescas
Taino's Puerto Rican Food – Empanadas (picadillo, black bean, banana, piña colada), virgin piña coladas
The Chairman - Baked or steamed bao, bao chips, ginger lemonade
The Creme Brulee Cart - Vanilla bean or chocolate shortbread-salted caramel-vanilla bean creme brulee
The Other Guys - Aromatic spiced chicken wings, citrus-marinated cucumbers, black cherry lemonade
The Whole Beast - Berbere-spiced lamb lavash wraps, potato salad, Moroccan mint tea
Three Babes Bakeshop - Pie by the slice, cookies, lemonade
Three Twins Ice Cream – Ice cream (mini-cups or sandwiches)
Yvonne's Southern Sweets – Pecan praline, Southern pies
Zella's Soulful Kitchen – BBQ turkey legs, hushpuppy poppers, Southern sweet tea

The festival runs Saturday from 11 a.m until 7 p.m., but if you know what's good for you, you'll arrive early for the best bites and shortest lines. Remember that credit cards are a no-go: if you don't want to deal with carrying a bunch of cash, get yourself a passport beforehand, with tiered options designed for solo or group dining.

The sheer number of booths can also get overwhelming, so check out the
downloadable festival guide and map and plot your route before heading in.

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San Francisco Street Food Festival

Folsom Street and 20th Street, San Francisco, CA