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Watch Keller, Kostow, Crenn Do the Ice Bucket Challenge

In the event you've been living under a glacier, you may be unfamiliar with the Ice Bucket Challenge, a video stunt intended to raise money for a cure for the degenerative disease ALS (otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease). The rules are simple: either dump a bucket of freezing ice water over your head (and film the resultant screams), or donate $5 to the ALS Association. Either way, you have to tag three more people to participate, in the hopes of creating a massive donation chain. Celebrities ranging from Bill Gates to Justin Timberlake to Lady Gaga have participated (and, of course, made donations as well), and the SF Michelin Guide decided to get in on the act by tagging Dominique Crenn, who did it with her team in the video above.

Crenn then passed the buck to Thomas Keller, who nominated Corey Lee (and Lady Gaga):

Crenn also nominated Christopher Kostow:

Who then passed on the challenge to Meadowood's service director, Nathaniel Dorn, and the entire staff. Bonus: they did it in uniform, with the ice buckets they use to chill Champagne.

Lee and Danny Bowien are both still pending; if you want to see them get wet, some Twitter account pressure is probably in order.

The instigators, the famously anonymous Michelin inspectors, donated to the ALS Foundation in lieu of personally completing the challenge. But we have to admit some disappointment that the Michelin Man didn't at least get in on the act.

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