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Two Bay Area Chefs to Appear on Top Chef This Season

An appearance on Top Chef, especially a high-placing one, can make a big difference for a chef looking to get to the next level, as local alumni Casey Thompson, Preeti Mistry, and Jen Biesty can all testify (having each opened restaurants of their own in the past year). The show's upcoming season will be shot in Boston, and two Bay Area folks will be in the group of 16 cheftestapants vying for the crown: Melissa King, who currently works for food-delivery startup Kitchit and is a Delfina and Campton Place alum, and Keriann Von Raesfeld, who once ran a restaurant aboard the world's largest cruise ship and now owns her own private-chef company, Exposed Gastronomy, in San Jose. We'll be keeping an eye on them as the show premieres on October 15th, and will let you know how they fare.

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