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Watch 12 SF Chefs Do the Ice Bucket Challenge, Together

With the Ice Bucket Challenge spreading like wildfire across the Web, it's going to take a lot more than a bucket of ice water and a well-timed scream to get anyone's attention. So Absinthe Group pastry chef Bill Corbett decided to get 11 other SF chefs together to do the dump simultaneously (and nominate other folks, ranging from pastry chefs to Lars Ulrich). Chefs Feed joined in as well. Here are Corbett, Joel Ehrlich and Ryan McIlwraith (Absinthe Group), Brett Cooper, Kim Alter, and Ron Boyd (Daniel Patterson Group), Jason Halverson (Stones Throw), Zach Freitas (Game), Nick Erker, Robin Song (Hog & Rocks), Shawn Gawle (Saison), and Nicole Krasinski (State Bird Provisions), plus a lot of ice water. And in a nod to the drought, they did it in a community garden, so no precious H2O was wasted.

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