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The Most Anticipated San Francisco Bars of the Fall

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Now that we've previewed the restaurants coming your way this fall, we turn our attention to bars. This fall's most anticipated spots offer an eclectic mix, including an arcade bar from the team behind Blackbird, the Bon Vivants and Flour + Water folks' revamp of a classic local venue, and what will likely be America's first cat cafe. Whether you're seeking a party bar with a sideline in scavenger hunts or a refined spot to sip some of the finest Burgundy known to man, these eight forthcoming spots will have you covered. Here's where you'll be drinking this fall.

dunord%20ext.JPG1) Castro: Du Nord
Address: 2170 Market St.
Major Players: Dylan MacNiven, Enrique Landa, The Bon Vivants, Ne Timeas Restaurant Group
The Situation: Historic music venue Cafe du Nord is getting an update, with a new kitchen featuring food from Ne Timeas (Flour + Water, Central Kitchen, Salumeria), a remodeled bar with drinks by the Bon Vivants (Trick Dog), and a general neighborhood vibe.
Projected Opening: By the end of the year
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brewcade%20building.png2) Castro: Brewcade
Address: 2200 Market St., #102
Major Players: Shawn Vergara, Tiffny Vergara Chung, Kai Villegas
The Situation: Aficionados of vintage arcade games are going to go gaga for this forthcoming bar from the folks behind Blackbird, which will boast more than 20 classic machines. Monk's Kettle alum Villegas will curate the 25-draft beer list, and teetotalers will be able to indulge in an artisan soda bar. Munchies like caramel corn and 4505 Meats chicharrones will be offered, and next-door Bandidos (also set to open this fall) will provide Mexican takeout for those seeking something heartier.
Projected Opening: November
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cat%20town%20logo.jpg3) Oakland: Cat Town Cafe
Address: 2869 Broadway
Major Players: Ann Dunn, Adam Myatt
The Situation: While it's technically not a bar (nor a restaurant, for that matter), the opening of what will most likely be America's first brick-and-mortar cat cafe should not go unmentioned. A project of the rescue organization of the same name, Cat Town will feature Bicycle coffee, tea, and snacks, but the real attraction will be the Oakland-themed cat play area, all of whose residents will be adoptable if they strike your fancy. A second cat cafe, KitTea, will debut in SF early next year.
Projected Opening: Mid-September
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Screen%20Shot%202014-08-20%20at%2010.12.34%20AM.png4) Upper Haight: Alembic
Address: 1725 Haight St.
Major Players: Ted Fleury, Ethan Terry
The Situation: The Alembic has been open but under construction for a good long while, as it expands into a portion of the former Red Vic next door (the other half has become Second Act Marketplace). But this fall, it should be back in full form, with more room, a more robust food menu from Fleury (who's getting a bigger kitchen), and plenty of cocktails from Terry and the consistently excellent bar team.
Projected Opening: Mid-fall
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romper%20room%20ext.jpg5) Union Square: Romper Room
Address: 25 Maiden Lane
Major Players: Joe Garvey
The Situation: "Tech party king" Garvey, who runs scavenger-hunt outfit CLASH, is behind this bar in the former Otis Lounge, which will house boozy scavenger events by day and turn into a more normal bar at night. Expect themed parties, copious beer, and some other fun quirks. Romper Room will also feature a more cocktail-oriented bar-within-a-bar, the Leopard Lounge.
Projected Opening: August 26th
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les%20clos%20sign.jpeg6) SOMA : Les Clos
Address: 234 Townsend St.
Major Players: Mark Bright, Cara Patricia
The Situation: Bright, Saison's wine director and the co-owner of Divis wine and coffee spot Vinyl, is opening a new wine bar and cafe right down the street from Saison, offering a full selection of Burgundy, his specialty, and small-production American wines. He's also hoping to serve a fairly robust food menu, with breakfast, lunch, and evening bar snacks. Saison's cellarmaster, Patricia, will handle operations.
Projected Opening: Early September
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royal%20tug%20club%20moderne.png7) Union Square: Club Moderne
Address: 895 Bush St.
Major Players: Tim Stookey, Leslie Cole, Aaron Cole
The Situation: Stookey, a longtime bartender at Presidio Social Club, is going solo with this project in the former Royal Tug Yacht Club. Unlike the party-hearty Royal Tug, it'll be fancier and more cocktail-oriented, with classic drinks featuring seasonal ingredients, and cocktail salons centered around film screenings and discussions of SF history.
Projected Opening: October
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black%20sands.png8) Lower Haight: Black Sands
Address: 701 Haight St.
Major Players: Robert Patterson
The Situation: Ken Ken Ramen owner Patterson is expanding his empire with this microbrewery and restaurant, which will feature a full bar, 25 taps (4-6 of them housebrewed), and a small homebrew supply shop. The food will be casual, healthy, and small-plates oriented. Originally scheduled to arrive this month, it's been delayed by issues with the foundation, which will push it to late fall.
Projected Opening: Late November
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Other notable fall openings: SOMA Eats, Tender, Liquid Gold

What'd we miss? Share your most anticipated bar opening below.

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