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Burritoeater Weighs In on La Taq's "Best Burrito" Victory

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[Photo: Patricia Chang]

With the city in the throes of burrito frenzy following news of Taqueria Cancun's location woes and La Taqueria's victory in the competition for America's Best Burrito, we've missed the seasoned voice of the city's erstwhile burrito expert. Burritoeater, aka Charles Hodgkins, retired from the high-stakes burrito game late last year after logging exactly one thousand local burrito reviews, but we reached out to Hodgkins for a response following today's triumph of La Taqueria, a slab outlet which Hodgkins frequently faulted for its exclusion of rice and subsequent texture and integrity issues.

"I've more than said my piece on La Taqueria over the years," Hodgkins told us, noting that he's a mere "burrito civilian" now. But, he said, "America can do better." Though he rarely eats burritos outside of San Francisco, Hodgkins notes that he crowned a Slab Scrum champ in San Francisco every even-numbered year between 2004 and 2012, with the most recent winner Taqueria Cancun, which joined Gordo, El Norteño, and two-time Scrum winner Papalote. Last month, he penned a best-of list which added El Burrito Express and La Espiga de Oro to his list of favorite spots. La Taq? Not even close.

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La Taqueria

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