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Bank Distributes Free Food to Needy iPhone Line-Waiters

Because buying a $200+ phone is a clear sign of hunger.

A #FeedTheLine employee tee.
A #FeedTheLine employee tee.
Photo: @mayoandmustard/Twitter

Here's today's dispatch from New San Francisco: in order to assure the comfort of people who chose to stand in line outside the Apple Store to snag $200+ new iPhones before their friends, banking giant Chase decided to give them free food. Via a campaign dubbed #FeedTheLine, phone junkies (who began lining up as early as mid-afternoon on Thursday) got free breakfast burritos, waffles, and more, catered by the likes of Señor Sisig (downtown), Bacon Bacon (Marina), and Curry Up Now (Palo Alto). The whole campaign was presumably an attempt to win the banking business of people moneyed enough to wait in line for 18 hours to buy a phone. But considering that one in four San Franciscans struggles with hunger, it seemed a bit tone-deaf. Many observers echoed the sentiments of blogger Anil Dash, who tweeted: "Hey @chase, as a customer, I wish you made #FeedTheLine about asking iPhone 6 buyers to donate to the hungry as their 1st Apple Pay payment."

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