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Maiden Lane's Bistro 69 Shutters

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[Photo: Peter G./Yelp]

Longstanding Union Square lunch spot Bistro 69 has abruptly shuttered after the building that houses the restaurant changed ownership. Last week, our friends at Curbed noted the sale of tiny 69 Maiden Lane—which went for a whopping $4.3 million—and reported that Bistro 69 was not long for this world. Today, a tipster confirms that the bistro has quickly and quietly closed its doors, and the phone line appears to be disconnected.

A daytime destination known best for its charming outdoor seating, Bistro 69 aimed to please the 9-to-5 crowd with a wide-ranging menu of salads, sandwiches, pastas and Mediterranean-inspired eats. It's unclear what's next for the prime location, but whatever it is, here's hoping the outdoor seating element will be retained.

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Bistro 69

69 Maiden Lane, San Francisco CA

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