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$300 Brunch Attempts Comeback, But Venue Has No Record of Booking Them

BRVNCH, the elite and expensive brunch event, is supposed to return this weekend. But their venue says otherwise.

Wingtip's bar.
Wingtip's bar.

Given San Francisco's current penchants for extreme wealth and mid-morning dining, you'd think a pricey, high-end brunch wouldn't be such a tough sell. But BRVNCHthe exclusive $300 brunch affair that made headlines back in June, only to cancel its inaugural event a month later, is apparently still struggling to find its footing. A representative for the BRVNCH crew told the SF Business Times that they were planning to finally debut the event this Saturday morning, at fancy FiDi private club Wingtip. Problem is, Wingtip wasn't exactly aware of those plans.

"There are no plans for an event at Wingtip. No date, no details, no deposit. The first anyone within Wingtip has even heard of what the event would be is from the Business Times," Wingtip owner Ami Arad told the SFBT, which had been assured by BRVNCH's founders that the event would transpire there on September 27th. In an attempt to lure a bigger crowd, BRVNCH was even planning to lower its fees somewhat, including allowing the public to come drink bottomless mimosas for $50 post-meal. In the meantime, we'll all just have to settle for normal brunches (this heatmap has some nice new ones).